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Add voice dialing to your Treo or Centro

Let your voice do the walking with VoiceDialIt, a voice-dialing utility for Palm Treo and Centro smartphones.

As much as I love my new Palm Centro smartphone, it's not terribly smart when it comes to voice dialing.

VoiceIt Technologies

OK, it can't do it at all. Same goes for its Treo brethren. (All together now: Weak!)

At least there's third-party software to fill in the gap. VoiceIt Technologies' VoiceDialIt provides fairly seamless voice dialing for the Centro and Treo. And from now until December 31, you can snag it for $15.95 (normally $24.95).

The software employs a simple, attractive interface for adding voice-dial contacts, either manually or from your address book. I installed it on my Centro and, in about three minutes, was voice-dialing my way to hands-free happiness. (I did, however, have to refer to the manual to figure out how to enable the trigger button. Fortunately, the manual is excellent.)

VoiceDialIt is compatible with the Centro and all Palm OS Treo models, from the 600 to the 755p. There's also a Windows Mobile version, though it's not on sale.