Add a spritz of flavor

The Oil Mister can spray foods with a precise amount of oil, adding flavor but reducing fat.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Oil Mister Williams-Sonoma

Plenty of recipes call for adding oil to your food, but it can be difficult to keep the amount under control, especially when you're trying to eat healthy. The Oil Mister can deliver a precise amount of olive oil, guaranteeing low-fat meals. It even goes beyond the other nonaerosol misters available: you can flavor your olive oil with garlic, herbs, and even cheese and still spritz your food with the Oil Mister. In contrast, using such ingredients in most misters would clog the sprayer. It's easy to mix up your own flavored oils, but you can also use the sprayer with premixed oils. You can spray poultry with a little olive oil just before sticking it in the oven, or use the mister to add a little flavor to a salad without adding a whole lot of calories.

The Oil Mister is clear, with a removable top that allows to both see the ingredients inside and easily add more as needed. To use, you give the top cap a quick pump, increasing the air pressure inside for a more effective spray. The Oil Mister holds 4 ounces of olive oil at a time, and you'll be surprised how long that can last with its precise sprays. The Oil Mister costs $15.