Acer Revo range: RevoView, RevoPad, RevoCenter, revamp

Acer has unveiled the Revo multimedia center, RevoView media player and RevoCenter home storage box, all unified by the new clear.fi front end

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Acer has unveiled the Revo range, a selection of home entertainment storage and playback devices. The range consists of the Revo multimedia center, the RevoView media player and RevoCenter home storage jobby.


The Revo all-in-one multimedia centre is controlled by a RevoPad wireless remote, pictured above. It sports a touch-sensitive backlit qwerty keyboard that transforms into a multitouch trackpad.

The RevoView 1080p high definition media player plays from USB, memory card, optical disc, Flickr, Picasa, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), or swappable hard drive. It also has a flippin' massive glowing on/off button.


The Acer RevoCenter, above, holds four swappable Serial ATA hard disk drives. It streams digital media content to multiple applications or DLNA-compliant devices, and backs up data from portable devices at the push of a button.

All of the Revo devices boast a new clear.fi front end, a software console that manages media across all the devices on your network.

The Revo range will be revving up UK homes soon, although dates and prices are yet to be confirmed.