Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook leaked, apes MacBook Air

Leaked photos seem to show a new Acer laptop to rival Apple's MacBook Air. Dubbed the Aspire 3951, it's slim and light, and reportedly packs Intel Core iSeries processors.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Images of a new Acer laptop have leaked out of Vietnam, showing a laptop that boasts a remarkable similarity to Apple's so-thin-you-couldn't-even-use-it-top-prop-up-a-wobbly-table MacBook Air.

The Acer Aspire 3951 may not have as catchy a name as Apple's device, but in terms of reported specs it looks like it could compete. The screen is 13.3-inches on the diagonal just like Apple's machine, and apparently weighs less than 1.4kg (the Air weighs 1.35kg).

The Jobs-bothering laptop is supposedly just 13mm thick, and an aluminium casing. Intel Core iSeries chips, an optional 160GB SSD drive and 6 hours of battery life are other purported benefits.

There's an HDMI port though, which is something the Air doesn't have, and of course it would be running Windows 7 rather than Mac OS X, which is either a plus or minus point depending on your point of view.

Apple might have something to say about the design though, which is incredibly similar to that of the Air. Apart from the slender frame, the large, rounded trackpad apes the Air, and the isolated keyboard too is reminiscent of Apple's efforts.

Let's be honest, the only area we want this laptop to differ from the Air is in price. The rumour goes that it could be priced somewhere between £472 and £590, but that's extremely cheap, so we'd be surprised to see the 3951 cost that little, if and when it becomes official.

We were extremely keen on the last laptop to trouble the MacBook Air. That was the Samsung Series 9, and we awarded it the full five stars. But it costs over a grand. Acer, we'd like a cheaper one please, okay?

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