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Accommodating kitchen scale reaches out to you

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull Out Display allows for easy flexibility in the kitchen.

Here you go.

The act of cooking can at times be exhilarating. The race to finish everything at the same time requires coordination, skill, and experience. The last thing anybody wants is to become hampered by equipment issues. However, sometimes outfitting a kitchen is akin to fitting square pegs in round holes. Ultimately this often leads to awkward twisting and turning while moving about. Flexibility in the kitchen is always a good thing, so instead of letting your kitchen gadgets dictate their positioning, let your kitchen gadgets come to you.

Though the OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull Out Display may not have the ability to maneuver about on its own, it does have the handy feature of a retractable display. Designed to provide easy access to the results when measuring large, oversize items, the scale offers the flexibility that would operate well in any kitchen. In addition to the convenience offered by the movable display panel, the display features large, easy-to-read numbers.

With an 11-pound capacity and the capability to measure in fractional increments as small as an eighth of an ounce (or in 1-gram metric increments), the scale is perfect for most home applications. The control panel not only includes a button to easily turn on or off the backlit display, but also integrates a conveniently placed zero button. With a simple interface that is flexible enough to accommodate any kitchen, the scale provides the ease of use that other appliances only wish they could provide--yet I doubt we'll be seeing a toaster with a pull-out display any time soon.