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Access iFixIt manuals on your iPhone and iPod Touch

The Mac take-apart manual site iFixIt has released a new version of its iOS app, allowing its guides to be available on all iOS devices, even for offline viewing.

When it comes to performing do-it-yourself fixes or upgrades on your Mac, one of the main resources to use is the online take-apart guides from iFixIt.

The company has detailed how to open and access internal components of many Mac models, and has gained a reputation for quickly tearing down newly released Apple hardware and outlining what's inside.

iFixIt Manuals
iFixIt's manuals can now be viewed cleanly on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. iFixIt

The manuals and high-quality detailed images offered by iFixIt can be invaluable, but if for some reason your Mac is not working and you need to use one of the manuals to replace a component, then you will need to access the manuals with another device. The use of Apple's mobile iOS devices is great for this, but while the company has had an iOS app for its manuals available, until now the program was only available for tablets like the iPad. This meant that unless you had an iPad, you had to access the iFixIt Web site using Safari, which, although not a bad experience, might not be the most convenient one.

To tackle this, iFixIt today has released a new version of its iOS application, which allows its manuals to be browsed and accessed quickly on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. In addition, the application will download bookmarked manuals for offline use, so you can still perform repairs if your iOS device cannot access the Internet.

The best part about this app is that it's available for free from the Mac App Store, so if you are a technician or someone who regularly services Mac systems, the iFixIt manuals may be great to have at your fingertips.

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