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A wine rack that eclipses the drinks

The Eclipse Wine Rack turns standard wine bottles into a work of art.

The Eclipse Wine Rack

Neil Cohen designed the Eclipse Wine Rack by joining together two curves: one from Nambé Alloy, the signature metal of the company selling the wine rack, and the other from acacia wood. The two combine into an elegant show piece that just happens to be able to hold three bottles of wine. The wine is held by the neck of the bottle, creating an illusion that the bottles are defying gravity. The Eclipse Wine Rack measures about 9 inches by 10.5 inches by 11 inches--it could be used as a centerpiece just as easily as it can grace a countertop.

The Eclipse Wine Rack is eye-catching, but you can make it even more so. Nambé offers the option of engraving on any of its Nambé Alloy items, so you can easily add a monogram, a logo or even original art to your wine rack. Even a small addition can personalize the Eclipse Wine Rack, making it a meaningful piece as well as an elegant design element. To keep Nambé Alloy shining brightly, it is important to polish it every so often. The company sells Nambé Polish for best results. The Eclipse Wine Rack is $200.