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A well-lighted place for grilling

Plenty of barbecue accessories help make winter grilling a little more feasible.

Now that the clocks have been set back and winter is nigh, it's getting dark mighty early. But that doesn't mean you can't still get outside and grill. It just might take a little more effort and some good lighting.

Steven Raichlen's Lumatong
Steven Raichlen's Lumatong The Steven Raichlen Store

Fortunately, there are plenty of BBQ accessories available to help make that possible. Steven Raichlen's "Lumatong" is a set of tongs with an attached LED flashlight that shines light wherever the tongs are pointed.

Brookstone's grill light clamps onto the handle of a large grill to produce a wider lighted area. And the Zelco Bugs Beware light will not only illuminate the grill but can repel mosquitoes, too.

It's true that there's nothing quite like grilling in the dead of summer, but if you've got a hankering for barbecue, there's no reason to give in to the Standard Time doldrums. Unless, of course, you live in Michigan.