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A toast to robot cupcakes and ice cubes

The Fred & Friends ChillBots and YumBots make for a pair of fun robot-themed kitchen accessories that are safe for all to enjoy. The ChillBots produce four robot-shaped ice cubes, and the YumBots set consists of silicone baking bowls.

Beware of robots bearing cupcakes?
Beware of robots bearing cupcakes?
Fred & Friends

Much has been written about the eventual robot uprising. However, until that time comes, Earth and the sky above are the domain of humans; clearly, we should make the most of it while the time is ours. With Skynet in its incubation stage, we humans are free to toast and enjoy the fruits of our creations, with a cold drink and a cupcake, of course. Naturally, the best way to enjoy this meal would be with robot-themed accessories.

Frozen robots for all to enjoy.
Frozen robots for all to enjoy. Fred & Friends

For whatever reason, finding a robot drink to toast over a robot cupcake has never been too easy. Luckily (or not), times have changed and the good folks at Fred & Friends have foreseen this demand and unleashed appropriate gear upon the masses.

Toasting with robots has never been easier. The ChillBots Ice Cube Tray is a bright-red silicone mold used for producing four robot ice cubes. The fun kitchen accessory is made to produce ice resembling something of a '50s-style robot. (The wind-up key kind of gives it away.) All that is missing is the bright paint job and sparks flying out of its mouth.

Appealing to young and old, techie and Luddite alike, the YumBots are a set of four robot-shaped silicone baking cups. All that is required is to fill them with batter and bake. As an added bonus, the heads are movable and capable of swiveling around to keep an eye on you for your amusement.

Hmm, perhaps to be on the safe side, use these robot-style utensils. Just in case.