A teen's take on the Samsung Intensity II

The Samsung Intensity II is designed for teen users, but what do real teens really think? We asked a young CNET reader to find out.

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Samsung Intensity II
Samsung Intensity II Josh Miller/CNET

Cell phones manufacturers spend a lot of time marketing cell phones to teens. We've been wondering, however, if handsets like the Samsung Intensity II are what teens really want. So to find out we asked 16-year old CNET reader Kaitlin Lee. A resident of Oakland, Kaitlin goes to school in Berkeley and knows what she wants from a cell phone. We sent her the Intensity II and asked her a few questions about what she thought of the device. Here's what she had to say.

Q: Samsung says it has designed the Intensity II for younger teens. Do you think that the company succeeded? Is this a phone you and your friends would buy and enjoy using?
A: Yes. I do think the company has succeeded; it is a phone that my friends and I would enjoy using. I would buy it because I have a Samsung already and I decided not to get the iPhone when it was offered.

Q: What did you like and not like about the phone?
A: I like the slide function and it's easy to text. I can't help but notice that the keys are small, though at least it is a complete keyboard. I like the different ringtones as well, even if I wish the phone came with some better apps and games. My dad didn't like the phone because he thought it was difficult to operate and not intuitive as his iPhone, but I didn't have the same issues.

Q: Was the phone easy to use? Did you like its design?
A: It was easy to use both for me and my little sister who is 13. I liked the design and selected my similar Samsung phone because of it. It's not bulky and it's easy to stick in my jeans' pocket.

Q: Did it offer the features you need?
A: It offered most of what I need. Yet, I'm jealous that my little sister gets better apps on her iPhone. For texting and communicating with others it was easy to use and it gets a better connection than my other Samsung and sister's iPhone.

Q: Did it have good call quality?
A: Yes. We live in the hills and this phone worked better than my Samsung with AT&T so it may be just the carrier. I had clear and good quality.