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A table runner to light up your meals

This illuminated LED table runner is sure to make your holiday table shine.

Light up your life. Or your table. Sylvania

So, the house is festive, but the table seems to be lacking that special shine? Sure, you could drape the chairs with holiday lights, but that might get a little tacky, plus all the cords could easily trip someone. Instead, why not whip out this LED table runner from Sylvania?

It's a fiber optic table runner that quickly and easily transforms an ordinary table into an illuminated party space. Charge it up, and it will shine for 10 hours and make your dinnerware sparkle. (You'll have to come up with witty repartee on your own.)

At 12 inches by 60 inches, the runner fits a variety of tables, and it comes with a rechargeable battery pack. You can find it online at Sylvania for about $70.