A smoker with a plug

Aussie's electric H20 Smoker uses water to manage heat levels.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The H2O Smoker
Aussie Grills

Some of the best meals I've ever eaten have involved a smoker. But when I'm cooking, I don't often have the time to achieve that smokey flavor. An electric smoker, such as the H2O Smoker from Aussie Grills, offers a quick and easy solution so way even I will find smoking meat and fish manageable. The smoker plugs in, and uses water to reach the right level of heat and maintain it as your food smokes. The smoker has a "porcelainized," 5.5-quart water pan. It uses flavor channels to direct smoke for the best food flavoring. The smoker has a stainless steel hood and body, with heat resistant wooden handles on both the side and hood. You can use the sliding access doors to check the progress of your food and add water.

The H2O Smoker includes a built-in temperature gauge that makes managing the smoking process simple. It also offers 351-square inches of usable cooking surface on two nickel-plated cooking grids. You can load up the smoker with plenty of ribs or a combination of meats, fish, and vegetables with little trouble. The H2O Smoker even converts to an electric lock-and-go portable grill for those days when you'd rather grill than smoke your dinner.