A robot could deliver your next meal

Cute self-driving robots are hitting the streets of London to deliver packages, shopping and food from Just Eat.

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A Starship self-driving delivery robot, coming soon to a street near you.


Pizza delivery could be the next job to be replaced by machines, as self-driving robots begin delivering meals and packages in Europe.

Estonian company Starship, started by Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, are behind the robotic delivery drones. The cutesy wheeled carts will deliver packages from courier Hermes, shopping from retailer Metro Group, and food from Just Eat and Pronto. Trials start this month in London, followed by Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Bern.

The six-wheeled robots drive autonomously while being monitored by human operators back in a control centre. The robots detect and pedestrians on the way, and when they arrive you unlock the tasty cargo by tapping on your phone.

Earlier this year pizza chain Dominos showed off prototype pizza delivery robots, while Amazon is planning deliveries by flying drones. It's not yet clear how you tip this new generation of delivery droids. Maybe with a glob of axle grease?