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A pretty pink laptop -- with a serious side

Ladies: what if one click of the mouse button allowed you to own a limited-edition pink leather laptop, help the fight against breast cancer and rub shoulders with former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins? Read on.

It's pink, but not a superficial pink.

If you've ever wanted a non-frivolous justification to purchase a pink leather laptop, here's your chance: ASUS is auctioning a limited-edition pink version of its S6 model, with the proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The fuschia-hued notebook is one of only 120 available in Australia, and the winner not only gets to tote it around town -- they will be presented with their prize at a swish launch party for the notebook series in the presence of everyone's favourite NRL-cheerleader-turned-Miss-Universe, Jennifer Hawkins.

If you simply can't live without a pink laptop any longer, you'll need to act fast. The auction, which is running on eBay, ends at 1pm on Thursday November 23, with the VIP party scheduled for the same night at a hip nightspot in Sydney. If the winning bidder is outside NSW, they will be flown to Sydney from their state's capital city.

CNET.com.au will also be making an appearance at the event, for the sole purpose of evaluating the relative technological merits of each laptop. Obviously we can't compete with Jennifer Hawkins in the appeal stakes, but if your bid wins and you get to make a cameo at the shindig, do say hello.