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A personal coffee press to help ease the daily grind

Bodum's Chambord Coffee Press can make the all the difference in your morning cup of coffee. It holds 12 ounces, enough for three cups of coffee, however, you can get a larger version of the press.

The Chambord Coffee Press Bodum

A good coffee press can ensure that your morning cup of coffee is perfect. Bodum offers a variety of coffee presses, but the star of its line is their original: the Chambord Coffee Press. It's an elegant design that lets you see exactly what's going on with your coffee through the glass accented with stainless steel. It holds 12 ounces, enough for three cups of coffee--you can get larger versions of the Chambord Coffee Press. However, that can lead to coffee sitting in the press, cooling, and acquiring the bitter flavor of old coffee. The only reason to look at a larger version of the press is if you expect someone to make you share your coffee.

One of the benefits of choosing a Chambord Coffee Press is that essentially all of the parts are available as spares from Bodum. The press isn't particularly pricey at $29.95, but with the occasional replacement part, you can make sure that your coffee press lasts practically for ever. There's also a certain element of craftsmanship that goes into producing the Chambord Coffee Press: Bodum relies on a design created by craftsmen in Normandy and the manufacturer remains faithful to not only the original designs but also the level of craftsmanship used by the French coffee press makers.