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A pan that will make you shout 'whoopie'

Making whoopie pies is a little easier with the whoopie pie pan.

The Whoopie Pie Pan

Whoopie pies are a special treat: moist cake with delicious cream filling. Making the cake portion of a whoopie pie can take some careful planning if you want to wind up with the traditionally thin pieces. The Whoopie Pie Pan takes the planning out of making whoopie pies. You can follow a traditional recipe or use this pan to make up unusual whoopie pies with red velvet cake, pumpkin cake, or any other favorite flavors. Just pour the batter into the 12 shallow wells on the pan--it holds 18 ounces--and bake. The results will be enough layers for six whoopie pies measuring about 2 3/4 inches in diameter. Pop the cakes out, add creamy filling, and you've got a great treat for a lunchbox.

The Whoopie Pie Pan is made from heavy-gauge aluminized steel and bakes cakes evenly. It also has a ceramic-reinforced nonstick surface, which ensures that the cakes release from the pan every time. Because of the nonstick finish, the pan is hand-wash only, but it cleans up easily. The pan measures 14 inches high by 10 1/2 inches wide by 1/2 inch deep. It costs $24.95 and is exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.