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A morning pick-me-up from Porsche

Coffee maker from Porsche Design serves homemade brew in style

Porsche Design

If you liked the Porsche Design toaster that I wrote about a couple of days ago, then you should add their coffee machine to your wish list, too. Designed by Porsche Design, a daughter company of the ever-popular car giant Porsche, the coffee machine makes your morning cup just a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

The coffee pot is equipped to brew up to 12 small cups of coffee (or eight larger cups, depending on the size of the boost you need), and since you can choose the strength and temperature, you can create a pot that's going to be a perfect match for your caffeine-loving taste buds. The vacuum flask also keeps your coffee warm and full of flavor.

However, the flavor of your coffee isn't the only feature of the Porsche brainchild that deserves mentioning. Leave it to a company like Porsche to give their creations a mechanical twist: when your coffee is done brewing, the pot automatically swings into its 'ready-to-serve' position.

The coffee pot from Porsche is not available in the U.S. for now, but you can still take a peek at it and its sister products on the Porsche Design Web site.