A loose tea solution

If you're a fan of loose tea, you'll find the Floating Tea Egg a perfect brewing option.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Floating Tea Egg Pro-Idee

The Floating Tea Egg caught my eye because it floats: it just hangs out at the top of your cup, brewing tea. You don't have to fish it out of your cup or yank on a hot chain to pull it out. The Floating Tea Egg's handle is always above the surface of the tea, dry and cool. Just pick it up.

But the Floating Tea Egg has other features that make for a great cup of tea. The egg has 145 fine millimeter holes--large enough to brew tea but too small to let even a crumb of a tea leaf fall into your cup. You can easily fill the egg. You don't have to mess around with funny clasps, hoping your tea leaves won't escape into your cup. The Floating Tea Egg is made of stainless steel and nylon: it's easy to clean and no flavor carries over from one cup of tea to the next. As long as you rinse the egg under running water, it is neutral in flavor. The Floating Tea Egg also comes with its own stand; rather than depositing the used egg on a spare plate or napkin, you can place it on the stand until you're ready to rinse it off or you want another cup of tea.