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A greener washing machine

Indesit has developed a greener washing machine, using recycled plastics to construct its Hotpoint washing machines.

The HotPoint Washing Machine is made of recycled refrigerator plastic. Indesit

There are plenty of green washing machines on the market these days: some are constructed to be energy efficient while others reduce the amount of water used. But Indesit has developed a new kind of green washing machine--one that is constructed from recycled materials, reducing the CO2 emissions, cost, and raw materials necessary to build a washing machine. Indesit is making use of the recycled materials in two different washing machines, the Aquarius and Ultima. Both are part of Indesit's Hotpoint line.

The washing machines are built using a high-grade plastic polymer made from shredded plastic waste, which was recovered from refrigerators. Indesit developed the project with the help of the Waste & Recycling Action Plan (WRAP) and Axion Recycling, as part of an overall effort to recycle waste materials. The washing machines are available in the U.K. and have good efficiency ratings, making them an all-around green choice. The Hotpoint washers also have a solid selection of features, including a number of preprogrammed settings and an advanced interface.

Indesit is looking into expanding the recycled plastics program to all of its washing machines, as well as its dryers. The company plans to explore how it can use recycled materials for other components and parts for all of its products.