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A grabby tool to save your fingers

The Alligetter lets you reach into places your fingers don't want to be, like the garbage disposal.

I've already revealed my fear of garbage disposals on this blog, and I'm fairly certain I'm not alone there. So I was happy to discover a tool that specifically addresses my phobia of mangled fingers: the Alligetter.

It's like having fingers to spare and an extra-long arm. Consafeco, LLC

The Alligetter is a lighted garbage-disposal retrieval tool that keeps your fingers and hands safe from harm while it does the dirty work. And it is dirty down there--think of the bacteria and germs that thrive down in your disposal. But what are you supposed to do if, say, the ring your husband bought you to celebrate 10 years of marriage--the ring that costs as much as two mortgage payments--somehow slips down the drain?

Well, just slide the Alligetter's 12-inch handle it into position, and shine the LED light to find the hidden treasure. Then, you can use the flap spreader, serrated teeth, and grabbing tip to get the ring back before anyone ever notices it was off your finger. I'm just saying.

And if you are a parent, you'll love the inspiration for the invention--those plastic sippy cup valves that forever slip through your fingers? "I figured I wasn't the only person who didn't enjoy awkwardly feeling around in a sharply-bladed, dark, germ-filled hole," says Micah Bertin, the product's creator.

Of course, you can also use the Alligetter to grab objects from other hard-to-reach places--under the fridge, behind the bed, the far end of the couch...Order one for $19.99, or find it soon at retailers nationwide.