A fun gadget you can live without...but why?

This banana slicer may only be good for one thing, but it's really good for that one thing.

We've all given in to purchases on a whim. My husband, for example, once drove home in a used Mitsubishi Eclipse. With blue lightning bolts on the doors. When we already had two children. My own impulse buys tend to be slightly less extravagant, probably because I'm the one who pays the bills in our house. My latest find for the "Do I really need this?" category is this adorable banana slicer made by Hutzler.

If you have a banana that needs slicing, this is your gadget. Amazon

Do I really need a banana slicer? Of course not. Will my 3-year-old love it? You bet. Is that a good thing? Time will tell. What I can tell you is that at just over $2 at Amazon, I can handle buying this thing and using it once or twice before deciding that I can actually slice my bananas on my own.

Reviews at Amazon show that this little gadget actually does come in handy in many kitchens. It's safe for kids to use, so they can slice up bananas for cereal or PB&B sandwiches. They still have to figure out how to peel the fruit on their own, but kids are pretty resourceful. and frankly, I'd rather have mine mess around with this piece of plastic than go hunting for a knife.

And maybe I'll find a way to paint blue lightning bolts on it for my husband.