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A fridge ready to entertain

The Quick Tap Refrigerator from Amana is designed for entertaining from its beverage dispenser to its wine rack.

The Quick Tap Refrigerator

If you need a little help with entertaining, the Quick Tap Refrigerator is ready to handle the drinks. One of the biggest changes from Amana's usual refrigerator designs to this version is a beverage dispenser on the front of the fridge door, where an ice dispenser might be on another refrigerator. You can fill the dispenser with up to 3 liters of refreshments like margaritas, and your guests can help themselves to perfectly chilled drinks. The dispenser does require a little extra cleaning and dispenser valves should be replaced every six months or so. The Quick Tap Refrigerator also includes a wine rack and can rack. The wine rack can hold up to five full-size bottles at a time.

The Quick Tap Refrigerator isn't just for parties, though. This all-purpose fridge comes with standard features like easy-to-clean shelves and plenty of room for your family's food. There's even enough room in the door to securely fit gallon jugs of milk. Crisper drawers and an easy temperature control system round out the Quick Tap Refrigerator's standard offerings. You can also choose options like an ice maker. The fridge is available in red with silver trim, as well as silver.