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A food processor you can grab a hold of

The Viking Professional 12-Cup Food Processor features a die-cast base in a strong black finish.


Some people are hard on their kitchen appliances. Either they get a lot of work, or they just get put through the paces during normal use. It's an approach I am familiar with: I tend to knock things around a bit when cooking. I've learned from experience that having an appliance with some substance to it can be quite important when trying to actually use it. Cheap, plastic appliances don't last too long around these parts.

The Viking Professional 12-Cup Food Processor is a sturdy machine constructed with a die-cast metal base. As a nice touch, the large work bowl also features a sturdy metal handle. Featuring a commercial-grade 625-watt induction motor, the food processor is operated via a large, three-position (on, off, pulse) dial. Additional slicing discs store in an included caddy, keeping unwanted cabinet clutter to a minimum. (Good for those of us who tend to be a bit rough in the kitchen.)

The food processor also features two back wheels that allow for easy maneuverability. Since it's made of heavy die-cast metal, that's probably a good thing. While leaving it out on the counter is certainly preferable, sometimes you will just have to move it around. With a sturdy base and strong styling, it will certainly be easy enough to grab a hold of.