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A cutter for unique cookies

The Twist and Press Cookie Cutters can each cut 64 different cookie shapes, without cluttering up your kitchen drawers.

The Twist and Press Cookie Cutters

When I was a kid, I had a book of animals: each page was cut into thirds so that I could put an elephant's head on a tiger's body with a giraffe's feet. The same concept was used to create the Twist and Press Cookie Cutters, from Williams-Sonoma. The cookie cutters have four sides, divided into three sections that you can mix and match. Currently, the cookie cutters are available in two different versions: a fashion cookie cutter and a robot cookie cutter. The fashion cutter creates different outfits for models by allowing you to change hairstyles, shirts, and legs. The robot cutter lets you come up with different mechanically-inclined cookies by swapping out heads, torsos, and legs complete with pinchers and grabbers.

The Twist and Press Cookie Cutter does make cookies a little bigger than what you're used to--about 2 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches--but they offer great opportunities for decoration. It's necessary to roll out dough a little thicker than you might with another cookie cutter so that the details from the cookie cutter are not lost when you bake the cookies. The Twist and Press Cookie Cutters are each available for $14.99.