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A cool conversion for your drinking glasses

Drink clips convert drinking glasses into vases for single stems

MoMA Store
I love to have flowers on my table during spring, but I rarely decorate my table with large bouquets. Especially for something that ceases to flourish after only a few days, I have a hard time spending the $20 or $30 on the number of flowers required to fill large vases.

The flowers that come prearranged in vases are no better, often costing twice as much for half the flora. What's the solution? How about these spring-inspired bird and leaf vase-makers?

Not only do the festive gadgets eliminate the need for vases by transforming ordinary drinking glasses, but they also cut your costs when you visit the flower shop. Even a single bud held by the vase maker makes an attractive addition to the kitchen table.

The Bird and Leaf Vase Makers were created for the Destination: Brazil collection of the MoMA Design Store and are available on the store's Web site for $25.