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A conservative washer for the countertop

Danby countertop dishwasher makes dishes sparkle without wasting water or energy.

Don't let the size fool you: this petite dishwasher packs a lot of cleaning power.

I love clean dishes, but in many of the apartments where I live, dishwashers are a rare commodity. I'm one of the nutcases who finds dishwashing therapeutic, but I realize that mine is a sentiment not shared by most other people I know. In any case, a gigantic rack full of drying dishes makes a kitchen look cluttered and unkempt, and washing dishes primarily by hand, though a more conservative method of cleaning, takes a lot of time.

This Danby countertop dishwasher fits conservation and convenience into one cute little package, accomplishing what a normal dishwasher can do, but using less water and space. It sits right on top of your counter, leaving your floor space free for more cabinets or furniture, but still has enough power to clean just like its larger counterpart.

It has five cycles to choose from: Prewash, Economy, Rapid, Normal, and Intensive (which uses high temperatures to blast through the dirtiest dishes). You select wash cycles using push button controls, and because it has an automatic detergent dispenser, you don't have to worry about pouring it in when the time is right.

The Danby's penchant for conservation doesn't end with space: it uses less than 10.5 liters during its normal cycle of water drawn from your kitchen tap, earning it an Energy Star rating, and even less for the Economy cycle.

The Danby countertop dishwasher pictured above is available for around $230, much less than a full size model, and if you ever decide to move out, you can take the portable powerhouse along for the ride.