A better finger for the batter

We've all dipped a finger into the frosting or brownie batter at some point. The Batterfinger Spatula lets us get away with it.

Thursday Bram
Thursday Bram is a freelance journalist of over five years experience. She has worked in real estate and property management, learning the hard way the difference between the appliances that people like and the appliances that actually work in a home. Thursday currently lives in Maryland.
Thursday Bram
The Batterfinger Spatula Lataz

Growing up, my mother couldn't bake without me there to stick my fingers in the batter. In retrospect, that little habit of mine was gross; at the very least I should have used a spatula. That's the idea behind the Batterfinger Spatula: rather than sticking dirty fingers into bowls full of tasty treats, we can use the Batterfinger Spatula. It does pretty well with a couple of other tasks, too. It's great for frosting and it's ideal for scraping a bowl clean; its shape lets this spatula pick up a little bit more batter when cleaning a bowl. I guess the Batterfinger just proves that our hands really are the best tools for the job.

The Batterfinger Spatula is made from silicone with a wooden handle. The spatula section is actually longer than the average spatula, and a little thinner, making it particularly useful for frosting. Shaped like an extended finger, this spatula may look like a gag gift but it's perfectly usable in the kitchen. The Batterfinger is also a perfect stirring tool when a little one wants to help. It's easy to clean--although the spatula does not seem to be dishwasher-safe--and is priced at $7.