A beer glass to end smartphone addiction

Finally, a way to get your friends to put their phones down at the bar and pay attention.

CBS News staff


Few things are more annoying than smartphone-addicted friends. You're just trying to get a beer and they're obsessively checking their phones, reading tweets, and updating you on Facebook happenings.

Sure, you can ask them to put it away. They might listen, for a few minutes, before the phone inevitably makes its way back to the table, and their eyes once again start trolling the screen.

But finally, there might be a way to force them to step away from the smartphone.

As reported by NPR, the Offline Glass features an iPhone-sized notch cut into the base. The glass can't stand up straight without a smartphone wedged underneath, into that notch. So, if your friend reaches to check his phone, his glass will topple, spilling his hard-earned beer on the bar.

The glass also has the unadvertised benefit of inhibiting drunk texting. You can't send a message you'll regret the next morning when your phone is wedged snugly beneath your glass.

Designed by a Brazilian ad agency, the glass is only available at the Bar Salve Jorge in Sao Paolo. It is not up for general sale, but NPR's TechCrunch noted that it would be easy enough to 3D-print your own version.

This story originally appeared on CBSNews.com.