£85 Android excitement as Morgan and Disgo launch bargain-bin tablets

Bah-dah-bah-baaahhh! It's time for bargain tablet news! The latest entries to the budget end of the market are 7-inch models from Disgo and Morgan.

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Root-tee-tootle-tee-toot! It's time for... bah-bah-bah-baaahhh! Ridiculous tablet news! The latest entries to the budget end of the burgeoning tablet computer market are 7-inch models from Disgo and Morgan, and could lighten your wallet by as little as £85.

The Morgan 7-inch Google Android Tablet with Touchscreen Technology -- catchy name -- costs just £85. For that less-than-princely sum you get a less-than-princely 400MHz ARM CPU, 3-hour battery life, and Android 1.7.4. Unlike the iPad it does offer an SD card slot, a webcam and USB connection, and you probably won't mind so much if you drop it. The Morgan 7-inch is available from 18 October.

The Disgo Tablet 6000 looks pretty swanky by comparison, packing Android 2.1, HDMI connection, and an iMAPx200 1GHz processor with 256MB of RAM. At £180, it's bundled with a 2GB microSD card.

It seems these days there's a tablet for everyone, whether it be students looking for a slate the size of a dining table, or discerning gentlemen of taste and refinement who want a tablet from Next. By the time the festive season rolls round, we fully expect to be finding tablets in Christmas crackers.

At the premium end of the scale, we've compared the best tablets in a knock-down, drag-out slate face-off between the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab.