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5-deal Friday: A $60 monitor, $38 phone, free game and more!

Light up your life with a dozen LED light bulbs for $17. And even more!

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Happy Friday, friends! In case you didn't know, I'm on "the Twitter" (so dubbed because it drives my kids nuts), where I occasionally share not only bonus bonus-deals, but also things I think are worthy of your time: podcasts, books, TV shows and so on. If you feel like you could use a little more me in your life, why not follow along?

Oh, and speaking of shameless self-promotion, did you know I co-host a Battlestar Galactica recap podcast? It's true! (If you've never seen the show, you can stream all of it on Hulu. Definitely one of the all-time great TV dramas, let alone sci-fi series.) We've had some pretty cool guests on the podcast, with more to come. (Helo, you guys! Helo!)

On to business. Today the interwebs are just lousy with deals, so I thought I'd kick off your weekend with five of them. Starting with a downright-amazing monitor.

Best monitor deal ever?

Sixty bucks! While supplies last, of course.


Good heavens. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the HP 22es desktop monitor for $59.99 shipped (plus tax), which I think is the lowest price I've ever seen for a 22-inch (well, technically, 21.5-inch) display. (Incidentally, I first spotted this on Ebay, where the only delivery option is in-store pickup. Not sure why, but I wanted to make that link available just in case.)

The 22es is a pretty typical desktop monitor, with VGA and HDMI inputs, an anti-glare IPS screen and, um, a power button. (Seriously, I can't find much more to say about the specs.) Of particular note, it has a 4.6-star average from over 200 buyers. Sixty bucks, people!

Best phone deal ever?


Best Buy is on a roll today. Also for a limited time, and also while supplies last, the store has the Moto G4 Play for Verizon for $37.99 shipped, plus tax. (Actually, turns out Amazon is currently selling it for the same price. It's listed only as "G Play," but the model number is the same: MOTXT1609PP.)

I'm not seeing any difference between this and Amazon's unlocked Moto G4 Play, save for the fact that it's not unlocked -- but also isn't a Special Offers model. All else being equal, the G4 Play is a really impressive entry-level phone: 5-inch screen, 16GB of expandable storage, Android 6.0, even a built-in FM radio. On top of all that, it has very positive user reviews all around.

And at this price? Somebody tell me the catch, because I'm not seeing it.

Light up your life for less

I don't miss incandescent bulbs one bit, not now that LEDs have improved so much -- and become so much more affordable. Case in point: Neon Mart via Amazon has a 12-pack of Lighting Ever 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs for $16.99 when you apply coupon code LELIGHT2 at checkout.

Designed for home use, these 2700K, warm-white bulbs should last for many years, though a few user reviews suggest that there's some inconsistency in the longevity. The seller does back them with a two-year warranty.

It's worth noting that these are non-dimmable. Beyond that, seems like a solid deal, though it might be worth spending a few dollars more on a known brand?

Ultra HD TV for ultra-cheap


Should your next TV be a 4K TV? My thinking: Why not, so long as it's cheap? There's not much content available today, but there might be tomorrow.

And check this out: Walmart has the Avera 55EXQ 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV for $278.04 shipped (plus tax). That would be a pretty amazing deal for a 1080p TV of this size, let alone one that can do 4K. Update: D'oh! Walmart is already sold out. The listing is now from a third-party seller, with a price tag that's much higher. Sorry about that!

I have some experience with off-brand TVs purchased from Walmart. The Sigmac I snagged there many moons ago is still chugging along just fine, though obviously this is a completely different brand and model, so your mileage may vary. I'm just saying, don't let the fact that this isn't, say, a Toshiba discourage you.

According to a few of the reviews, the speakers are uniquely terrible -- but that's why I always encourage a sound bar or sound stand (which I did just yesterday). You'll want one anyway.

The Avera has three HDMI inputs, which is good, and it's wall-mountable. Even if you don't supply it with 4K content, it's a a pretty amazing deal on a big TV.

Free game!



Flying Wild Hog

Of the many benefits afforded by an Amazon Prime membership, one that's often overlooked is a free membership to game-video service Twitch Prime.

And for a limited time, Twitch Prime members can get a free copy of first-person shooter Hard Reset: Redux. Normally $20, this robots-run-amok game is totally in my wheelhouse: single-player running and gunning with oodles of gorgeous pew-pew and kablammo!

Note that you'll need the Twitch game launcher in order to play.