11 foot tall iPod dock provides bone-crushing beats for £350k

The AeroDream One is an iPod dock speaker system measuring a ridiculous 11 feet tall. It's the brainchild of laser guru Jean Michel Jarre.

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Andrew Lanxon

Musician and laser afficionado Jean Michiel Jarre's new toy, the AeroDream One, was on show at IFA this year. It's an 11-foot tall iPod dock from Jarre's audio firm Jarre Technologies and it costs a whopping £350,000. Thankfully, the ladder comes included in the price.

The giant audio beast uses a subwoofer, two mid-frequency speakers and two high-frequency tweeters to provide 10,000W of sound -- that's enough to knock any old lady off her mobility scooter.

There's a handy ladder at the side so you can clamber up its dizzying heights and slap your iPod or iPhone into it. Hopefully there's a remote for it, so you don't need to climb back up every time you want to skip a track.

With a weight of 395kg, you'd better make sure you've got solid foundations or a sturdy load-bearing elephant positioned just under your floor.

If spending £350k on a monument to music doesn't quite fit your budget, Jarre Technologies offers a more modest 108cm-tall model for a less wallet-crushing €800 (£700). The AeroSystem One boasts a similar stainless-steel and glass construction, but uses only three speakers -- one 60W sub and two 30W satellite speakers.

Both systems are designed to offer audiophile quality sound, although only one will do so at a volume that can tear your house down -- guess which one it is.