Biden will order FTC to make rules on right-to-repair

Will this make it easier for people to fix their phones?

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The president might make a change to help people fix their own phones

The president might make a change to help people fix their own phones.

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Right-to-repair is a hot topic in tech, auto and other industries, with some manufacturers making it difficult for third parties to access information needed to fix devices. While focused on the agriculture industry, an upcoming executive order from President Joe Biden might also have an impact on the devices and gadgets we use every day. 

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In a press briefing Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Biden will issue an executive order soon focusing on competition, including giving farmers the right to repair their own equipment. This has been an issue in the agricultural industry with some farmers having to hack their own tractors in order to fix them

The order will encourage the Federal Trade Commission to create new rules that prevent companies from limiting customers from repairing their own products or having it done at a third-party shop. The agency will decide the scope of the rules, according to Bloomberg, though the president's order is expected to mention phone manufacturers. 

Tech companies have long opposed efforts and legislation that seek to make it easier for consumers to fix broken electronics, often citing the need to protect against intellectual property theft.

Biden's order is expected to be released in the coming days, according to Bloomberg.