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AMC will soon accept bitcoin for movie tickets

Apple Pay and Google Pay will also be accepted.

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By the end of 2021, theater chain AMC will accept bitcoin as payment from customers purchasing movie tickets and concession items online, the company said on a Monday earnings call. AMC will also begin accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay

AMC CEO Adam Aron said the decision came after his position on the board of Centricus Acquisition Corp. compelled him to study cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology over the past six months.

"This increased knowledge has given me the confidence to tell you all today that AMC is hereby formally announcing on this call that by year's end we will have the information technology systems in place to accept bitcoin," Aron said during the call.

AMC Theaters has had a roller-coaster year: The company got swept up in a Reddit-fueled fight against Wall Street, and cinemas took a hit as movie releases were pushed back and people stayed at home amid the COVID pandemic. AMC's stock was at $2.01 per share at the beginning of the year but jumped to $19.90 by Jan. 27 as it became a focus of internet traders. On Tuesday, it opened at $36.90. 

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