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A Vankyo projector with native 1080p resolution is just $89 (save $136)

This home projector hits the resolution benchmark we look for, and it's on sale right now.


This home projector has solid native resolution and it's about as cheap as you're going to find one with at least 1080p.


There are lots of "HD" projectors out there but many of them claim to but don't actually offer true 1080p resolution in something of a deceptive marketing practice. Instead, they accept an HD signal and dumb it down to a lesser resolution. The key term we're looking for is native resolution, and the Vankyo V600 has that at a healthy clip of 1080p. The home projector is currently marked down to just to $89 on SideDeal with free shipping when you use the exclusive code VANKYOFS at checkout.

It's normally priced at $225 or more and the same model is selling for $180 on Walmart where it gets solid buyer reviews.

To be clear, CNET hasn't tested the Vankyo, but the projector's spec sheet is solid considering the budget price. You can project an image of 46 to 300 inches at 5 to 30 feet. This model also has a 5,000:1 contrast ratio and 50,000 hours of lamp life. This should bring plenty of projector power to turn your living space or outdoor hang into a home theater for you and the crew. It's rare we find a native 1080p model for this cheap.

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