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Unstoppable fanboy shoots flames like X-Men's Pyro

Colin Furze's X-Men-like powers are growing. New to the mix: shooting flames from his wrists.

Pyro indeed! Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

It's hard to keep a good fanboy down -- especially one who has mechanical know-how, a blowtorch, and a workshop of his own.

First Colin Furze created working Wolverine claws. Then, he walked on the ceiling of his workshop using magnetic boots a la Magneto. Now, the mad tinkerer has created a way to shoot flames from his wrist in honor of Pyro, the X-Men character that Furze says he has the most in common with in the notes below his latest YouTube video (embedded below).

It might be hard to see how the flame shooters work in the video, so for more details, check out the "behind the scenes" video here. Basically, Furze built a gas canister that holds propane and created two wrist controls that are fed from it -- one acts as a pilot light, and the other shoots a full-on stream of gas out, creating flames that extend 12 feet into the air. Very handy for making toast, as Furze demonstrates.

The "making of" video for this project is actually a little more vague than it was for the last one. That might be because the project is so complicated, or because maybe even the slightly zany Furze realizes that providing thousands of YouTube viewers with the blueprints to create flame throwers they can walk around with in any city might not be the smartest thing.

In either case, I assume as Furze's powers grow, he's likely to be catching the attention of Professor X. Or DARPA.