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'Magneto' boots let X-Men wannabe walk on ceiling

Yes kids, you too can have X-Men-like powers if you study hard and have just the right amount of mad scientist in you.

Oh what a feeling, when you're dancing on the ceiling. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

YouTuber Colin Furze is at it again. First he made some pretty realistic Wolverine claws. This week, inspired by X-Men's Magneto, he's flipped things up a bit by creating magnetic shoes that let him walk on the roof of his workshop.

To create his shoes, Furze drilled holes in an old pair of Vans and fitted the sole of each shoe with an electromagnet. When the magnets proved to be too weak, he took things to the next level by heading to the local scrap yard, locating an abandoned microwave, and removing the transformer.

In a video about making the boots, Furze admits that there were easier ways to get a strong electromagnet -- like buying one -- but he also confesses to being a "tight git" and not wanting to "spend loads of money on massive powerful magnets."

So, once the transformer was freed from its microwave, Furze sawed it up to get at the magnetic coil it contained, ran some current through it, and found that the coil could easily hold his 176-pound frame. Custom-made plates attached to the magnets with straps that wrapped around his shoes were next, then came switches for each shoe that could cut the current and allow him to move one foot in the front of the other. The rest is ceiling-walking history.

(Via Gizmodo)