TomTom GO 910

TomTom has always pushed the envelope of GPS innovation: first, with its ultraportable and easy-to-use TomTom GO and now, with its TomTom GO 910. The GO 910 is the world's first device to offer maps of the United States, Canada, and Europe preinstalled on its hard drive. It also comes with a number of extras, such as integrated entertainment and connectivity features. Though specific pricing hasn't been set yet, the GO 910 is expected to go for around $899 and should be available in mid-April.

Upside: The TomTom GO 910 gets a bit of a face-lift with a larger 4-inch, antiglare touch screen (compared to 3.5 inches on previous models) and a revamped design, but it's still highly portable at 4.4 by 3.2 by 2.6 inches, making it easy to use in multiple cars. In addition to the aforementioned North American and European maps, the device also features text-to-speech functionality so that it reads out street names instead of generic directions, such as "Turn right here." Bluetooth is also onboard so that you can pair the GO 910 with your Bluetooth-enabled phone, as well as make and answer calls while navigating. Another new feature is TomTom Jukebox, an integrated MP3 player, which coupled with the built-in 20GB hard drive, allows you to carry thousands of your favorite tunes or audiobooks and images. Other goodies on the GO 910 include an automatic backlight sensor, iPod compatibility, 3D map view and graphics, a remote control, support for TomTom Plus services, and TomTom Home software.

Downside: Though the TomTom GO 910 supports a number of great services, such as traffic and road-condition updates and iPod connectivity, you have to pay extra for these services and accessories. These fees on top of the fairly high price tag can be a major turnoff for many. Also, the company's last system, the TomTom GO 300, suffered from subpar screen quality that made it difficult to read in direct sunlight, so we hope the company has made efforts to fix that problem.

Outlook: There's no doubt that the TomTom GO 910 is a feature-rich GPS unit and that the inclusion of European maps is a great boon for world travelers. However, if your travels don't take you abroad that often, there's no real need to plunk down the cash for the GO 910. Instead, the company's other new model, the TomTom GO 510, might be a good alternative. It offers many of the same features but without the international maps. Also, the GO 910 could have all the cutting-edge features in the world, but it won't matter if the performance doesn't hold up. Check back soon for our full review.

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