The current Nissan Patrol has been on sale for the best part of 13 years, so Nissan's Land Cruiser competitor can't come soon enough. Unfortunately, right-hand drive production has yet to be officially confirmed -- that should happen some time in 2011.

In brief

The car on display at the 2010 Sydney Motor Show was a left-hand drive model bound for the Middle East. That's because the next-generation Patrol was being developed with the Middle East and the US in mind -- Infiniti in the US of A gets a glammed up model dubbed the QX56.

Given its two highest volume markets, it's no surprise to learn that the new Patrol is designed not only to tackle the rough stuff, but also cosset its occupants in the utmost luxury.

Apart from lashings of fake wood, chrome and floor-to-ceiling leather, the Patrol can be equipped with a multi-zone DVD entertainment system, hard-disk-based navigation system with 9.3GB set aside for music and surround view cameras.

To combat the extreme heat found in the Middle East, as well as vast tracts of Australia, the climate control air-con system features a ceiling-mounted curtain vent system that blows cold air downwards to form an invisible barrier to the outside -- this is similar to the system employed by many buildings and shops in Asian and other tropical countries.

If you're willing to get the plush carpet dusty and tackle the Simpson Desert, the Patrol comes equipped with a 298kW/560Nm 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine that's hooked up to a seven-speed automatic, four-wheel drive system and 140-litre secondary fuel tank. Helping the driver out are hill descent control, hydraulic body motion control, limited slip differential, lane departure warning, radar-guided cruise control and stability control.