Garmin Nuvi 465T

The first brand-name truck GPS features Bluetooth hands-free, text-to-speech and traffic messaging, as well as height, weight and hazmat warnings, plus truck specific road signs.

Derek Fung
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Derek Fung

In brief

It might not be much to look at — we initially confused it with the Nuvi 265WT — but the 465T lays claim to being the first brand-name GPS model suitable for truck drivers.

It's also the first road-going Garmin unit to feature Navteq maps, specifically the just released map with truck-related data, like bridge heights, weight restrictions, speed limits for trucks, hazardous material restrictions and traffic signs for sharp corners, narrowing roads and steep gradients. According to Navteq, this data is available for major highways and metropolitan areas. Drivers will be able to specify their vehicle's dimensions, weight and load so they only get relevant warnings.

Truck warnings on the Garmin Nuvi 465T

Warning! Wiggly, pinchy and steep road ahead!
(Credit: Garmin)

Aside from this, the 465T features a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth for hands-free mobile phone use and text-to-speech for spoken street names. As the T suffix suggests, this truck-specific Nuvi also has a traffic messaging receiver and lifetime Suna subscription.


The Garmin Nuvi 465T goes on sale in June 2010 for AU$599.