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DLO TransDock (2nd generation) review: DLO TransDock (2nd generation)

While it's the most attractive FM transmitter out there and is chock full of great features, it might send your precious iPhone/iPod flying off into the yonder.

Brendon Chase
Derek Fung
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Derek Fung
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DLO's second-generation TransDock iPod/iPhone cradle and FM transmitter is a convenient and stylish way to connect your favourite music player to a car stereo system without performing an modifications.


DLO TransDock (2nd generation)

The Good

Both auxiliary and FM output. Aux in allows use with non-Apple MP3 players. Attractive design. Easy to set up. Flexible cradle fits most dashboards.

The Bad

....but is unstable.

The Bottom Line

While it's the most attractive FM transmitter out there, and is chock full of great features, it might send your precious iPhone/iPod flying off into the yonder.

Design and Features
At the time of writing, DLO's second generation Transdock is the most attractive iPhone cradle we've seen on the market. This black unit looks stylish, has a simple digital interface and the gooseneck arm allows for maximum flexibility for a variety of car dashboards.

Like the Griffin iTrip Autopilot, the TransDock has a feature which scans for clear FM frequencies to use. In our testing, IntelliTune, as it's called, steered clear of most FM radio stations and up to four station presets can be stored. These can be set manually too, if you're that way inclined.

Protruding out of the cigarette lighter connector and supporting the iPod/iPhone cradle, the TransDock's gooseneck support arm is both the device's best and worst feature. This flexible arm can be bent and twisted to show your iPod or iPhone at almost any angle you desire. The downside, though, is that the neck moves around quite a bit when you're on the road and around one bend, our iPhone almost fell out of the dock.

In addition to the iPhone and iPod Touch, The TransDock can connect with all the different Nano flavours, as well as the full-sized iPod from the fourth generation onwards.

One of the problems with FM transmitters — and this is not a problem unique to the TransDock — is that the audio quality suffers in built-up areas. What sets this unit apart from other FM transmitters, however, is its range of input and output jacks located on the underside of the unit. A 3.5mm auxiliary-in jack allows the TransDock to be used with non-Apple MP3 players, while the AV-out port allows music and video to be heard or shown on your car's entertainment system. You will, though, need to purchase the necessary cables seperately, and if you're planning on using your TransDock only in cars with an auxiliary in port, DLO has a cheaper TransDock Direct model that does without the FM transmitter.

Were it not for the TransDock's less than stable grip on your precious Apple phone or MP3 player, it would have rated a lot higher. However, if you like having the flexibility of having both an FM transmitter and an auxiliary out port, as well as the ability to connect MP3 players from outside the house of Apple, then the second generation TransDock may well be a good fit for you.