2016 Infiniti QX60 is refined, not reinvented

Infiniti rolled out updates to its Q50 sedan and QX60 three-row crossover at the same time, but the company took two different approaches to revitalizing its vehicles. Whereas the Q50 focused on adding loads of new tech and lacked exterior refreshing, the QX60 keeps the underpinnings mostly the same, instead relying on a fresh new exterior.

The changes are tough to discern from far away, but if you get up close, they're pretty apparent. Up front, Infiniti redesigned the grille and added thinner headlights that incorporate more LEDs than before. The rear hatch has some new chrome trim and there's a new shark fin-style antenna on the roof. The QX60's parking sensors have been updated, as well, no longer requiring large, unsightly bevels.

Infiniti slightly tweaked the suspension and chassis, as well. The shocks and springs have been retuned for additional ride comfort, and new all-season tires should help cut down on road noise. The power steering has also been tweaked for better response. To mitigate any powertrain vibration, there are new motor mounts, as well.

The powertrain is largely unchanged -- the QX60 retains the same 265-horsepower, 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engine as before, mated to a continuously variable transmission. The car is also available as a 250-hp hybrid, both of which feature all-wheel drive as an optional upgrade.

Inside, there's thicker front glass for better road-noise mitigation, softer-touch materials on the upper instrument panel and a new design for the gearshift lever. Non-hybrid models also feature three additional USB ports, but other than that, the interior is no different than it was before.

The QX60 goes on sale "later in 2016," according to the automaker. It did not give any further information on release dates, market availability or pricing.