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You can now warranty your McLaren until its 12th birthday

Time to pull the MP4-12C out of storage!

Most of your traditional wear-and-tear items -- tires, batteries, clutches -- aren't covered under this (or almost any) extended warranty.


Extended warranties are probably a good idea for owners who like driving stereotypically finicky supercars. Lucky for those owners, McLaren just expanded its extended warranty coverage.

Now, buyers can pick up a McLaren Extended Warranty that can be renewed up until the car's 12th birthday. The warranty itself goes for either one or two years, with the option to keep renewing, and buyers can pick one up at any point until the car's 10th birthday. Price has not been mentioned but it's likely to change for each model.

Qualifying vehicles can be new or certified used, must be owned for at least 90 days and must have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. It applies to all members of the Sports and Super Series, which includes the 570S, 570GT, 650S and 675LT. It includes nearly every car McLaren makes, except for the P1 and P1 GTR, which exist in the automaker's Ultimate Series.

The extended warranty includes unlimited mileage, roadside assistance and guaranteed use of McLaren parts if a claim is filed. As with many other extended warranties, the coverage doesn't include general maintenance, tires, batteries, paintwork or aftermarket accessories. Clutch wear isn't covered if it's considered general wear and tear. Neither is "water ingress," which means you can't dump it in a lake and file a claim.

Sadly, it's not for every McLaren on this green earth. The extended warranty is not currently available for Australian and Chinese buyers, but the automaker plans to change that in 2017. Buyers in those markets might want to avoid breaking the car until then.