Waymo One Brings Self-Driving Ride Service to Los Angeles

It's the third city that will feature Waymo's driverless ride-hailing, following Phoenix and San Francisco.

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Waymo One at a crosswalk

The rollout will likely come in stages, like it did in Phoenix.


Waymo One is a commercial ride-hailing service like no other. Its driverless vehicles have been shuffling passengers around the Phoenix and San Francisco areas, and soon it'll expand to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US.

This week, Waymo announced that it will expand its Waymo One driverless ride-hailing service to the Los Angeles area. A specific timeline was not offered, with Waymo's blog post only saying that its vehicles will "begin driving autonomously in several central districts over the coming months." Waymo also said in its blog post that its services will be offered around-the-clock.

The company said it has been working with several partners for its rollout, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving's California chapter and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.

Waymo One first opened its driverless vehicles' doors to the public in late 2020, when it began full commercial ride-hailing in the Phoenix area using a fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans outfitted with the hardware and software required for autonomous operation. It even offers rides to and from Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport. In 2021, Waymo One expanded to San Francisco, starting first as a "Trusted Tester" program open to select consumers and featuring a safety driver behind the wheel.

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