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Watch the Tesla Roadster accelerate in Maximum Plaid mode

It looks... quick.

Tesla Roadster

It's hard to tell how quick a car accelerates in a cell phone video, but Tesla's upcoming Roadster looks unbelievably quick, even at a low resolution.

Only a select few were offered rides in Tesla's Roadster at the Semi unveiling event on Thursday night. Thankfully, there was no moratorium on recording, so videos from the acceleration test are slowly trickling out, and they look pretty unbelievable.

In this video, the ride doesn't take place until 55:28 (if the video didn't automatically skip to that point for you). When "Maximum Plaid" mode kicks off, it both looks and sounds quite brutal, and all those flashing lights certainly bolster that feeling of insanity.

The Roadster, which is reportedly due in 2020, packs some terrifying specs. This all-electric sports car will allegedly hit 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, blast through the quarter mile in the eight-second range and keep going until its reported top speed of 250-ish mph. Then again, with a price tag around $250,000, it had better do all that while also making me coffee in the morning.

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