Watch the Tesla Model 3's Autopilot in action

Spoiler alert: Nothing goes awry, and that's very much a good thing.

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Andrew Krok

Since Tesla doesn't offer up its own video in large supply, it's up to owners to give the public the coverage they want of the Model 3. Thankfully, plenty of people are filming.

InsideEVs turned our attention to this video, which is one of the longest videos showing the Model 3's Autopilot system in action. It takes place on a highway, and it functions as expected, so the car just serenely cruises in a single lane with minimal movement. That's not necessarily exciting from a watching standpoint, but when excitement involves peril, tedium is fine by me.

It also gives us yet another look at the Model 3's infotainment system. The map occupies most of the right side of the screen, with the audio just below it. The left side is devoted entirely to the driver -- it displays the speed, the speed limit and the status of the Autopilot system.

Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot Package, which offers semi-autonomous capability, adds $5,000 to the Model 3's MSRP. It also offers a $3,000 package that will -- one day -- enable full self-driving capability. Options like these can send a Model 3's price well north of that magical $35,000 figure. 

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