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Watch Porsche put the new 2018 Cayenne through its paces

It will debut on Aug. 29 and should be at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Before a car goes on sale to the public, the automaker will beat the living bejesus out of it to ensure it can handle whatever sort of environment the new owner throws at it. With a new Cayenne on the way, Porsche has seen fit to show off some of its testing regimen.

Ahead of its official debut on Aug. 29, Porsche released a video showing the 2018 Cayenne's testing. Everything is there -- it plows through standing water, blasts across rocky roads, freezes itself solid in blizzard conditions and survives the heat of the desert. If it can do all that, I imagine it'll make it between home and the office just fine.

Porsche has been testing its third-generation Cayenne since 2014, not only in the real world but in virtual simulations. Its test vehicles rack up about 150,000 miles in just a few short months. Since it's a Porsche, the new Cayenne also spent a bit of time at the Nürburgring, as every good German should.

The current Porsche Cayenne has been around since the 2011 model year. It can be had with a variety of engines, including a twin-turbo V6, a twin-turbo V8 and even a hybrid-electric powertrain. It's also available as a diesel, but it's unlikely that any future diesel model would come to the US. We'll find out more at the end of the month.