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Watch Jaguar put the E-Pace crossover through its, um, paces

Friendly reminder: This is not the electric one.

The Jaguar F-Pace proved quite popular with buyers, so much so that there's no doubt it'll achieve similar success with its newer, smaller crossover, the E-Pace. Let's watch it put in some work.

Over the past 25 months, Jaguar sent more than 150 E-Pace prototypes to various corners of the world for extreme-weather testing. It's dealt with the frozen wasteland of the Arctic Circle, as well as the blistering heat of the Middle East. Hell, it was even driven on the Nüburgring, just to make sure it lives up to Jaguar's sporty-ish pretensions.

More than 500 engineers helped contribute to some 120,000 hours of testing in anticipation of its unveiling on July 13. At 3 p.m. ET (noon PT), Jaguar will show off its new E-Pace on both its YouTube channel and its Facebook page.

Bear in mind, this is a different car than the all-electric I-Pace. The E-Pace likely won't carry any electrification. Instead, its propulsion will likely come from I4 and V6 gas engines, similar to other vehicles in Jaguar's lineup.