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Walmart will soon open drive-in movie theaters

The retail giant teased drive-in events starting at its stores next month.

Walmart Drive-In
Just another thing I never thought I'd see in 2020.

Walmart. What doesn't Walmart sell or provide? Well, soon, it will provide a place of entertainment in the form of drive-in move theaters.

Yes, the massive retail chain apparently plans to operate drive-in theaters at its Supercenters across the US starting next month, according to a teaser internet page published July 1. Walmart followed up the webpage with a tweet announcing the "select" stores will turn into drive-in theaters, thanks to a partnership with with Tribeca. There isn't a lot of additional information, but these theaters will also include car-side popcorn and beverage services, too.

Walmart did not immediately respond to a request for more information on the drive-ins.

These drive-ins will pop up around the US as a "safe, socially distanced" form of entertainment, the website reads. What movies or shows the retailer plans to show remains unknown. However, Tribeca's Drive-In initiative set to kick off at numerous areas around the US includes a ton of classic films such as Jaws and Back to the Future. Mixed in are films such as Mean Girls, Superbad and special live comedy events.