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Screenshot by Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Walk with us through OS X Mavericks' new Maps app

We show you how to send directions from a MacBook to your iPhone and more as we explore the new OS X Maps application.

Maps in Mac OS X 10.9
Version 1.0 of the Maps application debuts alongside Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Screenshot by Antuan Goodwin/CNET

With today's surprise release of the free OS X 10.9 Mavericks update, Apple's Maps app makes its way from your smartphone to the bigger screen of your Mac laptop or desktop.

Version 1.0 of the app features the smartphone app's soft color palette, 3D building data with the option for satellite imagery overlays, and more. Dig deeper and you'll also find syncing with your Mac's address book, integration with the new OS X calendar app, and the ability to quickly send addresses and routes to an Apple iOS device with just a single click.

We've rounded up all of those features and show you how to send destination from your Mac to your iPhone in the gallery below. Click through for the full, photographic walkthrough.