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VW releases some sketchy pictures of its 300-mile Parisian EV concept

Sliding rear doors on a hatchback? OK, you've got my attention.

It's like a minivan, but somehow even cooler than a minivan. What? Minivans are cool.


Volkswagen has released new design sketches that give us a few more hints at the automaker's new long-range EV concept, adding to the three computer-generated images we saw last week.

The electric concept, which hasn't been named publicly but will debut at the Paris Motor Show next week, is a pretty slick looking hatchback. According to these sketches, it'll have rear sliding doors and a shape that's vaguely reminiscent of the VW Golf. Although, once you throw those massive wheels and a super-sloped front end into the mix, it's basically carving its own path.

But that's exactly what VW wants its new electric vehicles to do. The company intends on releasing dozens of EVs over the next decade, as part of its plan to make the world forget that it ever built diesel engines. The automaker has even created its own platform, nicknamed MEB, to accommodate its future electrics.

There are some known details about this concept. Despite being, you know, a concept, and not a real car, Volkswagen promises this EV will achieve a range between 400 and 600 kilometers (248 and 372 Freedom Units, er, miles, respectively) on the Euro NEDC cycle. We'll be getting plenty intimate with this new concept when it and we both show up in Paris.


(Hat tip to Motor1!)